About Us

Operating since March 15, 1994, Envirolight and Disposal has grown into one of the nation’s leading recyclers of lamps, batteries, electronic scrap, mercury containing devices, and other Universal Waste. We are a veteran-owned, minority corporation with over 22 years of industry experience in recycling and waste management, and our business is continuing to grow more and more every year!

As an EPA certified, Large-quantity handler of Universal waste, we are equipped to handle the recycling needs for companies of ALL sizes. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is standing by to assist you on a local or national level. Our goal is to help protect the environment and ensure that your company is in compliance with all federal and state guidelines.

In order to ensure a simple and effective recycling process, we provide you with

  • Fiber-board storage containers that minimize bulb breakage (compact and reusable)
  • Battery storage containers
  • Timely and convenient pick-ups to ensure compliance with state regulations regarding waste storage time
  • Certificate of disposal and Back-up documentation as required by law
  • State or Nationwide service as needed
  • Additional disposal service for chemicals, lab packs, oil, or paint