Q: What type of devices does Envirolight and Disposal recycle?
A: We are a licensed large quantity handler and transporter of Universal Waste. This includes:

  • Fluorescent lamps, mercury containing devices, light ballasts, batteries, and end of life electronics.

Q: What service does Envirolight & Disposal, Inc. provide?
A: Envirolight provides a specialized recycling service which includes:

  • Storage containers for spent lamps and mercury containing devices, ballasts, batteries, and end of life electronics
  • Proper labeling for each container
  • Shipping documents
  • Transportation for all of your universal waste
  • Replacement storage containers upon pick-up of full ones for disposal
  • Certificate of Recycling for waste disposed of

Q: How often does Envirolight pick up universal waste?
A: This generally depends on the amount of waste generated during a certain time frame. If your location is a small generator, a quarterly pick-up schedule will suffice. If your location generates 160 lamps or more per month, then pick- up will be done monthly. You can still contact us as needed without a set schedule.

Q: How long does it take once a pick-up is requested?
A: Our goal is to respond within a 72-hour period once your call is received.

Q: What are Envirolight’s hours of operation?
A: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

Q: How will spent lamps be repackaged?
A: The EPA has regulated the storage of spent fluorescent lamps. Envirolight supplies EPA approved containers for lamps that are cylinder in shape to prevent breakage during transportation to the recycler. You can purchase as many containers as needed by contacting us.

Q: How does Envirolight & Disposal handle billing?
A: When we arrive at your facility to pick up your waste, we use a four-part bill of lading. We will count the number of lamps being taken away (or estimate the weight for broken lamps) and then verify the count with a facility manager. The form is signed by both parties and one copy is left behind for your records. The other three copies are used to generate an invoice. You will receive a final copy of the bill of lading along with an itemized certificate for all items recycled during that pickup.

Q: Does Envirolight & Disposal maintain records?
A: Yes. Envirolight & Disposal is required by the Department of Environmental Protection regulations to maintain records on file for at least 3 years.

Q: Does Envirolight & Disposal sell replacement lamps?
A: Yes. Give us a call with your part number and we can replace your spent lamps or ballasts.